When Adventures Float Trips Partnered With Castlewood

If you ever find yourself considering a peaceful canoe or kayak trip down the beautiful Niangua river in the Missouri Ozarks, be sure to visit Adventures Float Trips, just off of Hwy 64 past Bennett Spring State Park. When you get there, be sure to say hi to the owner, Linda– She’s something of a legend in our neck of the woods. She has owned Adventures Float Trips for over 20 years, and has provided thousands of fondly-remembered canoe trips for families and groups alike over the years.

Of course, Linda does more than provide canoe and kayak rentals; she also delivers visitors by the busload from their cars to the beginning of their adventures upriver. She also provides camping areas (some with electricity), play areas for the kids, and will even tell you stories about the river, the land, and the people that make up the local area (if you ask her nice enough). Her kind heart and sunny disposition have brightened the day of many a camper or canoer over the years, and her commitment to making sure all of her visitors have a great time has helped her become one of the most successful business owners on this section of the Niangua.

How Castlewood Met Linda’s Website Needs:

Linda already had a website before she ever contacted Castlewood Studios. Much like one of the canoes or passenger buses she uses in her business, it did the job well even if it wasn’t brand new. But unlike a canoe or bus, her website wasn’t holding up that well as the years passed. Websites are built for people, and as time passes, people’s expectations change.

Where once visitors would patiently wait for a slow connection to load a webpage, people today expect a site to be fast, functional across all devices, easy to navigate, and tailored to their needs. Having been built years ago, Linda’s original website lacked newer technology that could make it faster and more reliable. It was also missing features considered critical nowadays, like responsiveness (where a website can be viewed on everything from big screens to tiny phones), search engine optimization, and cutting-edge security features to help keep scammers, spammers, and hackers out of her business and personal information.

Linda liked the colors, pictures, and other elements of her original website’s design, so instead of creating a logo and customized theme as we normally do, we instead focused on all the moving parts behind the scenes that make a website tick. When we were done, it was hard to tell the difference between her old site and our new and improved version, at least as far as looks go. But unlike her old site, our upgraded version was responsive, faster, more secure, and much easier to update and maintain.

In the time since we’ve been working with Linda at Adventures Float Trips, we’ve seen the number of visitors to her website explode and her rankings improve drastically. While we wish we could take all the credit for her site’s success, the truth is most of the credit goes to Linda and her team for their hard work and incredible customer service.

Of course, having been in the business of marketing and web design for over 15 years, we do know a thing or two about putting together a high-performing website, and the speed, functionality, and features we’ve built into Linda’s site are helping to improve her rankings in the search engines while attracting new and returning customers.

If your business needs a website, a redesign of an existing website, or help with online marketing, and you want the level of service that clients and friends like Linda are currently receiving, Contact Castlewood Studios today, and let us meet all your web design, Internet marketing, and content creation and distribution needs.

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